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At Avonmore Protein Milk, we're all about supporting those involved in sports and fitness. We’ve been doing it since 2014; from Belfast to Cork, Galway to Dublin, and every county in between. Here to support you wherever you are. And when we say wherever, we mean it. Whether you’re on the road, hitting the gym, working with teammates or pushing hard at home; Avonmore Protein Milk will be by your side. We’ve got a whole range of delicious protein milk flavours, all packed with extra high quality whey and casein protein. Perfect for anyone looking to add some protein in their diets and reward those hard-working muscles with the protein they need. The high quality protein you need, the delicious flavours you deserve.


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Pro-Oats Vanilla

Introducing… Vanilla Pro-Oats 🔥

💪 27g protein
🌾 23g gluten free oats
🍦 Same smooth great vanilla taste

Ideal for those who exercise in the morning, want to hit their protein goals and get the benefit of breakfast on the go!

Landing in a fridge near you… Keep an eye out 🙌

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Professional athletes make winning look easy. But even top sports people deal with challenges along the way. All of us face unique battles, but resilience is always the key to success – whatever success means to you.

Hours in the gym, nutrition, training; it all plays a part. But it’s that inner strength, the mental fortitude that really matters. 

It’s a mindset. It’s More than Muscle Deep.  

Irish Gymnast Rhys McClenaghan knows what it’s like to face adversity. And yet he continues to make Irish sporting history What’s his secret? Simple his mind state is just as strong as his physical strength. That’s why for Rhys, success is More Than Muscle Deep.

Check out more amazing stories from Cork Camogie star Amy O' Connor and Connacht Rugby's latest signing Adam Byrne here.



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