Avonmore Protein Milk

It’s not just the 80 minutes on the pitch, or the time spent in the gym. It’s EVERY. SINGLE. THING. Avonmore Protein Milk and Avonmore Vanilla Protein Milk are with you for every push, every pull, every early morning or late night session.

It’s all things considered. It’s about your body’s muscle development. It’s 50% extra high quality whey and casein protein added to Avonmore Protein milk which is low in fat and a source of calcium, vitamin B12 and added vitamin D.

It’s when you push it hard, when you take it easy. It’s about preparation, sleep, the whole 360º. It’s all yours.



For every pack you buy, we’ll make a donation to the Gaelic Players Association’s Player Development Programme Fund, to benefit county players.


Your muscles break down and rebuild on a daily basis, and when you exercise, your body naturally breaks down more muscle.

To help rebuild and grow muscle mass, you need to have the right amount of protein* in your daily diet. So you’ll be ready for any challenge that comes your way, on or off the pitch.

*Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.