On the road with Dan

Meet Dan, our Protein Milk Ambassador.  Dan spends his days travelling to clubs, training sessions and sporting events throughout the country talking about the benefits of proper nutrition and the role that Avonmore Protein Milk can play. We asked Dan a few key questions about his role as Protein Milk Ambassador.

Dan, what’s unique about Protein Milk from Avonmore?

Well its unique in itself, it’s the only great tasting protein milk on the market that’s actually fresh. We make the product using high quality milk proteins (Casein and Whey) so it’s really the most natural protein drink out there

When do people drink it?

A lot of people buy Protein Milk 1 Litre instead of their regular milk to have in their cereal or as a drink with lunch. I love making my porridge with Protein Milk – all the goodness of Oats and Protein! We have a 500ml protein milk pack as well, which is really handy on the go – all the convenience shops stock it.

Tell us about some of the events you have run

Well I have to say our Club Supersessions have been great – we run these every few months – there’s a lot of excitement among clubs about these competitions – we gather a bunch of experts from the world of nutrition, physio, hurling and football which make up an expert panel and head off to the winning club for a great evening of seminar style sessions and on the field drills.

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Photos from the road

Follow Dan as he travels from club to club across Ireland, sharing photos of the teams. Keep up to date by following the hashtag #OnTheRoad on Twitter.