In Session

Getting to the top is no accident. To perform on the pitch, there’s a lot more to do off the pitch. First you need talent. But after that? It’s all about the nutrition, the stretching, the gym work, the hydrating, the prehab, the rehab, the sleep.

Here’s how three of Ireland’s top sportsmen Get In Session.


Deeper In Session – Plank

Deeper In Session – Grappler arm

Deeper In Session – Tricep dips

Deeper In Session – Russian twist

Deeper In Session – Mountain climbers

Deeper In Session – Single arm row

Deeper In Session – Kettlebell swing

Ian Madigan

Rugby Union

Union Bordeaux Bègles and Ireland Rugby

Preparation is key, it doesn't all start walking into the stadium.

On Tuesday 1st March, between 6-7pm, Ian will be doing a live Q&A with @avonprotein. Use #InSessionQnA to send him your question


Kevin Doyle


Colorado Rapids and Ireland

Every rep, every lift. They all count.

Ever wondered how a top professional soccer player gets In Session? Watch Kevin as he takes us through his training, fitness and nutrition regime.

Paul Flynn

Gaelic football

Fingallians GAA and Dublin

I embrace every challenge.

Watch Paul reveal what it takes to perform at the highest level of Gaelic football; including his training, nutritional and rehab routines.